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Ivoks Electromusical Synthesizer


Around the turn of the century I was working graveyards at a local copy center running ads, manuals, etc… Between setting up jobs I’d peruse EBay for strange synthesizers, the prize of which were the Russian synths with names like Polivoks, электроника 3M-25, and the RITM-2. Why am I telling you this? Red Rock Sound has just released a brand new synthesizer for Reason called the Ivoks Electromusical Synthesizer Rack Extension based on the legendary Formanta Polivoks synthesizer!

With 2 Oscillators, capable of cross modulation, a filter section with the choice of Low Pass Filtering or Band Pass Filtering, a noise generator and modulator, the Ivoks Electromusical Synthesizer is one capable monophonic synth! But just like with the original it can be set to duophonic mode with the flop of a switch. What makes this synthesizer interesting though are the envelopes:

…a standard ADSR envelope — until you flip the switch “ADSR mode”, when it becomes a repeating AD envelope. The VCA block, also has ADSR envelope along with another LFO level and velocity sensitive control. Again, the envelope can be switched to a repeating mode that generates a triangular waveform determined by the Attack and Decay settings, providing some of the instrument’s most distinctive effects.

The Modulator section of the Ivoks Electromusical Synthesizer is unique as well, with a simple speed control and four waveforms, including Triangle, Square, Noise and Sample and Hold. Forgoing a mod bus section, instead each possible mod destination has a knob for controlling the depth of modulation. These destinations include both oscillators’ pitch, the filter’s frequency and VCA.

The Ivoks Electromusical Synthesizer is available in the Prop Shop for the discounted price of $29 USD, now thru the end of June!

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