Ammo 100LA Modulation Oscillator Rack Extension

Ammo 100LA Modulation Oscillator

Jiggery-Pokery Sound have released a new Rack Extension for Reason in their Ammo range of modular synthesizer modules, this one dubbed the Ammo 100LA Modulation Oscillator is a single oscillator rack with an audio range from 30 Hz to 8,372 Hz!

Arm your rack with the Ammo 100 “Light Artillery” and take Reason modular synthesis and LFO production to the next level with 128 basic and complex waveforms, in a handy, ultra-compact half-U rack size.

With a massive frequency range, Ammo 100LA features an all-audio rate internal oscillator path suitable for both audio and CV output, and the essential controls are available in folded view, saving you valuable screen real estate in your Rack.

Whether standalone or in a Combinator, Ammo 100LA is the fastest, smallest and simplest way to get the modulation shape you need.

For such a small device the Ammo 100LA Modulation Oscillator Rack Extension has a lot going for it. From lag controls for the up and down of the waveforms to audio rate FM and AM inputs on the backside. Speaking of the back of the rack, Ammo 100LA has a slew of audio and CV inputs / outputs for exploring modular synthesis in the Reasonverse. The most interesting of which in my book is without a doubt the Waveform CV input, which has been set-up to provide smooth cross-faded modulation between waveforms! If all this sounds confusing Jiggery Pokery have made a manual available for Ammo 100LA with a Basic Modular Synthesis Workshop section which covers creating mono and polyphonic synthesizers with Ammo 100LA, as well as full descriptions of all the knobs, inputs, outputs and envelope behavior.

Ammo 100LA’s biggest competitor in the PropShop is probably it’s big brother, the Ammo 400R Modulation Oscillators Rack Extension, which has four oscillators as well as an extensive mod bus section. Of course it’ll also cost you twice the price of Ammo 100LA.

Pick up the Ammo 100LA Modulation Oscillator in the PropShop today for only $19 USD!

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