Analog Theory!

Analog Theory


Nucleus SoundLab has released a brand new Reason ReFill for the Korg Mono/Poly Rack Extension called Analog Theory! Featuring over 100 Combinator patches designed by veteran Reason sound designers split into 10 categories for fast patch selection, Analog Theory is the perfect ReFill for taking advantage of the awesome Korg Mono/Poly Rack Extension. Here’s the down low:

Virtual Analog has come a long way. Take Korg’s MonoPoly Rack Extension for example. Not only does it replicate the capabilities and sounds of this classic hardware synthesizer, but it exceeds the original with features like true polyphony and unison. In fact, MonoPoly is the perfect starting point for creating next-gen electronica timbres in Reason! It’s only drawback is that it doesn’t come packed with any Combinator patches whatsoever. Let’s fix that, shall we? Introducing our latest ReFill – featuring MonoPoly – Analog Theory.

Analog Theory is a ReFill that pushes the boundaries of what is possible with Virtual Analog in the Reason environment. Our experienced sound design team has fused the classic power of MonoPoly with the flexibility of the Reason Combinator to create some very unique sounds. MonoPoly is filled to the electronic brim with thick chordal layers, expressive plucks, dubstep growlers, and gated atmospheres.

In addition to the slew of Combinators included in Analog Theory are the over 160 Mono/Poly instruments that make up the devices, which can be used on their own. Analog Theory also comes with two Reason demo songs showcasing how these patches can be used in professional projects.
• 113 unique Combinators across ten categories.
• 163 MonoPoly device patches.
• 2 demo songs packed inside the ReFill.
• All Combinator rotaries/buttons/modwheel uniquely mapped.
• Patches designed by veteran Reason sound designers.
• Requires: MonoPoly Rack Extension

Pick up Analog Theory today for $39 USD from!


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