[Nucleus SoundLab] Neo DX ReFill for Propellerhead PX7 – Released

I’d like to tell you today about our sister site Nucleus SoundLab’s latest ReFill release – Neo DX.  I love Propellerhead’s FM synthesizer Rack Extension PX7, but sadly the soundsout there for it are mostly old imported DX7 patches from the 80s.  Actually there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of these patches.  Some are ok.  Some are awful.  Virtually all are dated.  Do you have time to go through and pick the wheat from the chaff?  I don’t.  The goal of Neo DX is to make it easy to find quality modern sounds for PX7 that take advantage of all of Reason’s additional power.  Read on for some more details!

Reason 7.1 Released + FREE Synchronous Rack Extension

Huge news today, Reason fans.  In addition to a new bugfix and workflow improvement version of Reason – Propellerhead have released a new FREE Rack Extension called Synchronous.  The RE is meant to show off new RE SDK features that will allow all RE developers to add fancy GUI elements to their REs.  So, let’s get fancy and check out Synchronous!

[Patch Design Compo] Win Jiggery-Pokery’s Chenille Chorus RE!

You may have noticed that Jiggery-Pokery released a new chorus RE about 10 days ago.  Where was the news on RER?  Well, we were waiting to tell you more than just the details on Chenille 🙂 RER has partnered with Jiggery-Pokery and is offering a competition to win Chenille as well as other Jiggery-Pokery Rack Extensions!  Read on for the details on Chenille as well as the competition.

Red Rock Sound Releases Two REs To Enhance And Excite You

Does your bass need … enhancement?  Or perhaps your harmonics could use some … excitement – adding spice to an otherwise uneventful mix?  Red Rock Sound has just released two new Rack Extensions – RE 202 Exciter and RE 200 Bass Enhancer that you’ll probably find quite …  invigorating.  Ok, that one doesn’t work.  I’ll stop now, I promise.  Read on for some actual info on the new REs!