Need some new synthetic drum sounds? Check out Ochen K’s EDS06s Drum Synthesizer

In need some cool synthetic drum sounds? Then let me introduce you to EDS06s by Ochen K, a new dedicated percussion synthesizer for Reason. A fully-fledged drum synth has been long overdue in Reason and EDS06s doesn’t fail to deliver. With its stylishly good looks and ease of use this device will feel right at home in your Reason rack.

EDS06s packs 6 drum channels into a handy 4U Rack Extension. Each channel features a 64-wave oscillator, filter section, distortion, reverb, delay and even an LFO to modulate parameters. Flip around to the back of the rack and you’ll find that each channel has it’s own dedicated audio output, which makes it easy to further process and sculpt your sounds. You’ll also find (per channel) the common gate ins and outs as well as AUX send/return, LFO CV out and 5 CV inputs so you can control parameters with other CV devices.EDS06s Back
With all of this functionality you find yourself designing custom drums in no time. Creating cool sounding kits is really easy with EDS06s, but when this device really starts to shine is when you start layering the channels to create complex drum hits. If you change the ‘note in’ perimeter on two or more channels you can make some fairly hard hitting drums, take advantage of the separate audio outputs to further process your layered drum hits using other Reason devices.

CPU performance is good considering that one instance of EDS06s contains not one but six synthesizer modules, that said it’s still fairly light on its feet so you won’t notice a significant difference in performance when replacing your drum samples.

The sound of this device falls close to Korg’s Electribe series. It’s great for all sorts of electronic drums, from the classic 808/909 sound to much more far-out and experimental percussive effects. Spend just a short amount of time experimenting and turning knobs at random and you will soon find yourself with a whole bunch of cool (and useful) percussion sounds.

As some of you know, EDS06s very nearly didn’t see the light of day. The RE originally boasted a randomize feature that didn’t meet the requirements to make it into the Propellerhead shop, shortly after being declined Ochen K announced that the RE would never be released. However a few weeks later turned up in the Shop without the Randomize feature and a fresh new look.

All in all, EDS06s is a godsend for electronic musicians who want a bit more flexibility when creating their drums but it’s also good for all manner of sound effects and far-out percussive hits. In its short time in the Propellerhead shop it’s become an instant favourite, and with its attractive design and low price (Just $25) it’s a must have RE for anyone’s Reason Rack.
A must have drum synth for everyone's Reason rack. Capable of producing a wide variety of drum and percussion sounds.
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