Christmas 2013 ReFill Bundle adds Olympus Micro Choir!

Olympus Micro Choir by SoundironYou probably already read about our Christmas 2013 ReFill Bundle.  8 ReFills starting at $1, yada yada yada…  Ok, well I’m here to tell you today that now the count is up to 9 ReFills!  Soundiron has added their awesome Olympus Micro Choir ReFill to Tier 2 of the bundle.  The total value of the bundle is now over $400!  Read on for some info on Olympus as well as what happens if you already purchased the ReFill bundle.

Soundiron says this about their Olympus ReFill:

The Olympus Choir was recorded in a huge, natural hall with 63 hand-picked singers from SF Choral Society, Volti and SF Symphony Chorus, conducted by maestro Robert Geary. Olympus Micro includes independent men and women divisi ensemble sections, recorded from a full and rich sounding wide stage microphone position. It focuses on just the Ah (forte) and Oo (piano) vowel sustains and staccatos, along with a pair of simple Russian and Latin chromatic sustaining chants.

The end result is a pretty damn good choir ReFill.  Don’t take my word for it though, check out some of the SoundCloud demos below!

How does this work exactly if you already bought the ReFill bundle?  Everyone who has already paid for Tier 2 ($40 or higher) gets Olympus completely free.  If you paid less than $40, you can increase your order (paying just the difference!) and get all the Tier 2 stuff including Olympus.  An example would be if you already paid $5 for Tier 1, you just need to make another purchase – using the same email address – for $35 or higher and your orders will be combined and Tier 2 unlocked.

Merry Christmas to everyone from Nucleus SoundLab, Soundiron and RER!

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