DynaRage against the Machine!

DYNARAGE Rack Extension

Devoloop, the Italians behind the Unifylter and Threeloo 3LFOs Module REs, have a brand new Rack Extension available in the Propellerhead Market Place called the DynaRage Tube Compressor. Now I know, compressors aren’t the sexiest Rack Extensions, but DynaRage has a few tricks up it’s sleeve: including tube distortion, side-chain input and knobs with names like “Nurgle” and ‘Khorne”. Here’s the down low:

DynaRage is our state-of-the-art Dynamics Compression+Tube Distortion module, made exclusively for Reason. We think that just releasing another Compressor, when there is a chaos of many other Compressors all around here, would have been a shame and a loss of time. So we coded a flawless algorithm, implemented as many controls as a today producer/sound engineer needs, and added a Tube Distortion non-linear emulation algorithm, with a Tube Valve glowing according to the amount of distortion applied to the sound. Pack this with 2 accurate and vintage-ish VU-Meter, and you are done.

According to Devoloop, DynaRage is modeled after some of the most popular vintage and modern hardware compressors. With the Tone control available in the Rage section one can smoothly “subtract” harmonics from the signal path to perfectly sculpt your project, without the need of adding an external EQ. Speaking of signal paths DynaRage goes from INPUT -> RAGE CIRCUIT -> COMPRESSION CIRCUIT -> DRY/WET -> OUTPUT.

With an introductory price of $29 USD (until May 16th) the DynaRage Tube Compressor might just be the ticket to add some unique flavor in your next track, especially if you’re cooking Italian!

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