Filter Research 4!

Filter Research 4


Nucleus SoundLab continues the all effects Reason ReFill series with Filter Research 4, an effects library dedicated to using the new Synchronous Rack Extension, by Propellerhead, in Combinators! From subtle patches to insane midi triggered Combinators, Filter Research 4 has your Reason 7 effects needs covered. Here’s the down low from Nucleus SoundLab:


Back in 2008, Nucleus SoundLab released the world’s first effects Reason ReFill – Filter Research 1. Now, almost exactly six years later, we are continuing to evolve effects sound design with Filter Research 4! This ReFill is built to specifically take advantage of Propellerhead’s new pattern-based effect Rack Extension – Synchronous. With the power of Synchronous available, a whole new range of creative effects patches is now possible.

Synchronous allows for effects that have a vast amount of dynamics, with it’s capability to draw flexible modulation curves. With that sonic potential, our team of experienced Reason sound designers – who actually created the entire Synchronous factory patch library – has crafted a set of patches designed to bring a new sense of movement to whatever type of audio you want to process. The results of our work are MIDI-triggered stutters, complex robotic ambiences, gritty saturations, deep space FX, hybrid filterscapes and so much more.

You won’t be disappointed with Filter Research 4’s attention to detail. All the standard highlights of Nucleus SoundLab ReFills are still present: Unique Combinators with unique Combinator controls; full categorization of both Combinators and device patches; careful volume-balancing for every single patch. This time the pitch-bend and modwheel are also mapped to creative destinations to put even more effects power at your fingertips! Whether you need to mangle a sample beyond recognition, or just add some subtle sizzle to your productions, Filter Research 4 has just what it takes to make it happen.

Filter Research 4 comes with over 150 effects Combinators across 13 categories, making it easy to choose the right patch for your project. The Combinators in Filter Research 4 feature uniquely mapped Rotaries, Buttons, Mod Wheel, and Pitch Wheel for each patch; And like all Nucleus SoundLab Refills, Filter Research 4 comes with a beautiful Combinator backdrop designed by Danny Adler of Protagonist Media.

Pick up Filter Research 4 today for $49 USD from Nucleus SoundLab!

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