All Hands on Deck – Executioner DJ Mixer

Executioner DJ Mixer


Here’s an interesting Rack Extension that is a first for the Reasonverse – the Executioner DJ Mixer by Lab:One Recordings. A 4 in, 2 out mixer with 4 effects sends/returns that includes 3 band EQs with kills, filtering, cue control (for second set of outputs) and the obligatory crossfader with curve control.

Lab:One Recordings brings to the Rack their take on a well respected piece of equipment: Executioner 4:4:2 DJ Mixer.

Executioner can be used not only in a DJing sense, but also as a creative mixing device, allowing you to chop beats like a pro, sculpt soundscapes like a specialist, and mangle effects like no other. With DJ based filtering options and an intuitive filter (from Low Pass to High pass sweeping with the ability to blend into a Band pass filter with a simple control), Executioner is a very flexible unit to say the least

Executioner can also be used as a live performance tool, giving you the freedom to mix what you want how you want. Bring in to the Rack external sounds and mix with them in the sequencer, bring more of the fun back into mixing – Executioner can be fully automated, plus CV controlled for even more creative mashups.


For myself Reason doesn’t generally come to mine when I think of DJ software, but with cats like A Guy Called Gerald using Reason live and the new Executioner Dj Mixer there’s no reason not to use your favourite DAW for filling up the dance floor! Of course, the Executioner DJ Mixer can also be used by live electronic artists that want to mix parts together and turn the Reason Rack into an instrument itself. Very Cool!


The Executioner Dj Mixer is available now in the Prop Shop for $35 USD.

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