A New Phase – The Synapse Ninety Vintage Phaser!

Synapse Ninety Vintage Phaser
Synapse Audio, the makers of Antidote, have a brand new Rack Extension in the Prop Shop this week called the Synapse Ninety Vintage Phaser. Based on the legendary Phase 90 pedal made famous by guitar players like Eddie Van Halen and David Gilmour, this recreation includes many more controls and options than the original. Now those of you keeping track may remember that Synapse released the Synapse AP-12 Analog Phaser last year to much acclaim. So what’s the difference?
The Synapse Ninety Vintage Phaser has two modes, a Normal setting and Ultra, a six stage phaser. This differs from last year’s AP-12, which could be set as a 6 stage or 12 stage phaser (similar to the fantastic Moog MF-103 that the mailman was nice enough to drop on my doorstep last week.) One unique feature of the Synapse Ninety Vintage Phaser is the Color knob, which replaces a switch on the original and can make the sound “warmly delightful” according to Propellerhead Forum mainstay EnochLight.

Synapse Ninety is a software emulation of a legendary 1970s phaser. What makes this phaser unique is the feedback path, which gives the sound a very distinctive character, unlike any other analog phaser. Our emulation employs a zero-delay feedback network, a technique popularized by recent synthesizers, and particularly well suited to emulate analog feedback loops.

The original unit is a mono-in mono-out device with only a Rate knob and a Color switch. The Ninety phaser adds stereo processing, a stereo LFO with adjustable spread and a dry/wet control. The color switch is replaced with a knob for increased versatility. The “Ultra” switch upgrades the network to a 6-stage phaser, allowing to create entirely new sounds not possible with the vintage original.

In addition to Synapse’s two phasers the Prop Shop has a couple other options available like u-he’s Uhbik P and the T2 Phaser from That Music Company. Of course, as any gear lover will tell you, “You need more than 1!”
The Synapse Ninety Vintage Phaser is available right now in the Prop Shop for $45 USD!


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