McDSP enters the Reason market with three Rack Extensions

McDSP Compressor Rack ExtensionsMcDSP has made a name for themselves outside the Propellerhead world – mostly with Pro Tools effects plugins.  Now they have released their first Rack Extensions in the form of three compressors: FRG-4RE, Moo Tube and C670.  Read on for more info!

I am far, far from a compression junkie.  Generally Reason’s onboard solutions satisfies me when I reach for compression.  But it’s great to see bigger names like McDSP jump into the RE market regardless!  And of course more device choice  for those who are more …  discerning …  regarding compression is also very welcome.

Each of the McDSP Rack Extensions retails for $49 each, or if you are thirsting for many different compression flavours, you can buy a bundle of all three for $119.  How do the REs sound?  Well, there are no audio/video demos available so you have two choices: take them for a test-drive with the free trial, or trust McDSPs marketing text.  Here is a taste:

The C670 is a multi-staged compressor with a unique vintage vibe of awesomeness, the FRG-4RE feed-forward reactive gain algorithm (FRG) makes even the dullest tracks tasty, and the Moo Tube all tube based emulation puts the rest of your compressors out to pasture.


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