New FREE CV-2 Meter in Prop Shop!

CV-2 Meter

DLD Technology, the makers of Snakebite Synth RE and AS-16, have a brand new Rack Extension in the Prop Shop called CV-2 Meter. This FREE Rack Extension has two large analog style meters for monitoring CV signals, reminiscent of vintage studio equipment. And when no CV devices are connected the CV-2’s two large dials and switches can be used to generate new CV/gate signals to control other devices!

CV-2 Meter is a simple way to either monitor existing CV/Gate signals, or inject new CV signals into other devices.

Monitor what your CV devices are doing and add large controls to your CV inputs for FREE! CV-2 Meter is so simple to use that you won’t need to read the non-existent manual.

The flip side of CV-2 has multiple outputs for the CV and Gate of each meter as well as a bipolar/unipolar switch for each of the two channels. The nearest competitor currently in the Prop Shop for CV-2 is The Chronologists’ Scope Junior CV and Audio Oscilloscope, another FREE Rack Extension. Why not pick them both up and see what tickles your fancy?

Pick up CV-2 Meter today in the Prop Shop for Free!

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