New Pisces Limiter in PropShop

Pisces Limiter

JYUL Sound has released it’s first in a series of Rack Extensions for Reason under the name Pisces Limiter. The Seoul Korea based company envisions the Pisces Series as high quality plug-ins that automatically adjust audio, letting the user concentrate on their creative process. With that in mind the Pisces Limiter has just 3 knobs, a Tube button and a center Meter section. The Tube button kicks in the VTG1X proprietary technology developed by JYUL Sound to model vintage tube amplification. Here’s some more information on the Pisces Limiter from JYUL Sound:

Pisces Limiter helps control the volume with ease during recording, mixing and mastering work. With its straightforward controls, Pisces makes limiting a breeze—without compromising sound quality. Pisces will automatically adjust to your audio, leaving you more time to focus on the music. Use the virtual tube gain to add something special to your track. Pisces allows you to easily sculpt your sound.

The Pisces Limiter fills a vacancy in the Propellerhead Shop and is one of the only (if not only) dedicated Limiters. It’s most direct competition would be Softube’s Valley People Dyna-Mite Compressor, which has a limiter mode, and the Titan 410x Precision Maximizer, with it’s brick wall limiter on the output stage. If you’re looking for a dedicated Limiter the Pisces Limiter should be checked out and is currently available in the PropShop for $49 USD!

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