New Rack Extension from Sononics – GSX Graphic Shaper & Effects!

Sononics GSX Graphic Shaper & Effects
Sononics, the creator of the much loved Revival Drawbar Synthesizer Rack Extension, have released a brand new Reason effects based device today called the GSX Graphic Shaper & Effects Rack Extension! GSX is an “everything and the kitchen sink” style Rack Extension with over a dozen effects types, including transient shapers, stuttering, filters, FM, noise, saturation, EQs with crossover control and LFOs.

The GSX is an audio effect Rack Extension that combines audio routing, multiband crossover/equalization, transient shaping, pattern delay and audio effects such as resonant filters, distortion, noise-replacement, FM and stuttering. It can be used with just about any sound source but it really shines when it is used with drums and percussive instruments. Using the GSX with just a single drum loop unleashes a new world of sonic possibilities.

Of course the real fun with the GSX Graphic Shaper & Effects Rack Extension begins with the Performance Section! With MIDI, CV and GUI triggering of stutters, bank switching (with four banks in total) and tape stop / start effects, the GSX Rack Extension looks to be one heck of a live performance tool for would be controllerists. Triggering can even be set up to sync to the song tempo for perfect beat juggling!

The GSX Graphic Shaper & Effects Rack Extension’s nearest competition probably comes from Propellerhead’s Synchronous and Peff’s Directre Audio Router Rack Extensions. Although GSX has a few tricks up it’s sleeve neither of those devices offers.
Sononics’ GSX Graphic Shaper & Effects Rack Extension is available now in the PropShop for $39 USD!

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