Hisssss… New Snakebite Synth Rack Extension Released

Snakebite Rack ExtensionIt’s been awhile since we saw a new synth RE released.  Well, here we go – DLD Technology has released a new synthesizer Rack Extension called Snakebite.  So what’s the story with this new … very green … RE?  Read on for more details.

DLD says this about their green creation:

Snakebite is a hybrid digital analog synthesizer which is designed to make sounds that aren’t possible using traditional virtual analog (VA) synth design.

Firstly, it’s important to note that Snakebite is a monosynth.  So it’s roughly comparable to something like FXpansion’s Tres.    Some of it’s unique aspects seem to be distortion and bitcrushing in the filter stage; morphable oscillators; and an retro-modeled delay.  Oh yes, and a huge filter cutoff rotary – can’t miss that…

What does it sound like?  Glad you asked.  Check out the audio demo below.  Snakebite is available now for $29.


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