Pin the Tail on the Equalizer!

New in the Prop Shop for July are three fresh EQs from McDSP – the Moo Q Equalizer, FRG-EEE Equalizer and the E670 Equalizer. Which one is right for you? Read on and will see if we can pin the tail on the EQ…
The first new offering, the Moo Q Equalizer is McDSP’s take on the modern tube based EQ. With three bands of equalization with gain controls and input / output levels the Moo Q is a straightforward device capable of intelligibly sculpting your sound.

Fatten up your tracks with the Moo Q Rack Extension equalizer plug-in. The Moo Q smooth equalization curves will bring out the sonic subtleties you’re looking for in a moo-sical three-band configuration. Bring on the bass. Milk the mid-range. Shine up that top end. And there’s no cow tipping here – you can’t make the Moo Q sound bad, because its that good.


The second new McDSP offering is the FRG-EEE Equalizer, a modern four-band equalizer with low and high shelving wrapped around two parametric bands.


The FRG-EEE equalizer (aka ‘froggy’) packs a punch at the low and high end using a shelving EQ technique we call frequency resonant gain (FRG). This approach gives the FRG-EEE a little extra near the selected shelving frequency for, well, a little extra. The two parametric bands have a reasonably tight (but musical) Q, and wide frequency ranges.

The FRG-EEE is great for drums, guitars, vocals, synths, and perhaps ukuleles. Note how its low shelf EQ is great on kick drum boosting, while also excellent at vocal plosive reduction when cutting. The parametric bands are great for sculpting the mid-range. The frequency resonant gain in the high shelf EQ can make tracks a tad crispy, so be careful. Unless you like crispy.


And the final new offering from McDSP in the EQ department is their take on the vintage three band – the E-670 Equalizer. Why E? McDSP states the “E is for awesome!” Wait, doesn’t that start with an A? Anyhow…

The E670 is ideal for master buss tracks and instrument groups. Gentle equalization curves impart just the right amount of tone tweak. Vintage output staging colors tracks nicely, without muddying up your mix. Real-time control smoothing gives it an analog gear feel. And it sounds awesome.

Big bottom, thick mids, airy top end – it’s all easy with the E670. Crank it all the way, or just a little, the E670’s gain structure and output staging give it a classic sound.



So which of these EQs is right for you? Well that’s the great thing about Rack Extensions, you can download all three, try them out for a month, and see which one fits with your workflow and vibe! Of course at a mere $49 USD a piece, you may want to buy more than one.
Pick up the McDSP’s Moo Q, FRG-EEE and E-670 equalizers today in the Prop Shop!

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