Propellerhead releases A-List Acoustic Guitarist!

A-List Acoustic Guitarist

Propellerhead has released a brand new Rack Extension and it’s one of their most interesting devices to date. Dubbed the A-List Acoustic Guitarist this instrument¬†can turn any Reason owner into a Greenwich Village folkie in no time!

Acoustic Guitarist is a great songwriting tool. Hit a note to trigger a chord. Explore chord progressions and scales. Add life and variation to your track by switching between phrases in real-time from the lower octaves on your keyboard. Refine your sound with alternate voicings: add more notes to your chords to try out suspended, diminished, 7th chords and much more. This is a perfect instrument to start your songwriting in.

With 13 chord types, Swing and Feel controls and 600 rhythms split between 50+ styles, finding the right guitar part for your song will be no problem. And shaping the guitar sound couldn’t be easier with the choice between a mic’d guitar or pickup and a Character control knob to choose between 5 different types including Warm, Crisp, Full, Bright and Original.

A-List Acoustic Guitarist is available now in the PropShop for $99 USD!

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