Propellerhead releases new free ReFill – Radical Layers

Radical Keys Rack ExtensionMattias Häggström, product specialist at Propellerhead has put together a ReFill for all owners of both Radical Keys and Radical PianoRadical Layers.  It’s available for free download today!  How cool is that?  Thanks Mattias!  Read on for more info and audio demos for Radical Layers.

Propellerhead says this about the free ReFill:

Stuff your stocking with a handful of exclusive Combinator patches that show just how far you can take these Radical Instruments when you layer them with everything from synths to samples. Perfect for getting inspired when you can finally sit down and make some music during the holidays. Listen to how it sounds in the SoundCloud player and, most of all, enjoy!

The audio demos sound great.  I’m excited to try it, but I don’t actually have Radical Keys yet (does my family read RER?  Hint, hint…*cough*).  Follow the link above for your free download.  It’s only about 80kb so it won’t stress out your connection.  Once again, thanks Mattias and Propellerhead!


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