Propellerhead Shop Gets a Complete Facelift

New Propellerhead Shop


Wow, this was unexpected.  Overnight, it seems like Swedish elves were hard at work, completely overhauling the Propellerhead Shop!  It’s not just a new look though, there are quite a few other functional changes from the old shop.  Read on for all the details.

The most important change is integration.  Whereas in the past, there was a Rack Extension shop, and then a separate shop for everything else (ReFills, merch, tutorials and even Reason itself) – the new shop integrates all types of products under a single interface!  This is particularly great news for ReFill developers, who could have felt a little bit marginalized with the RE shop being promoted so heavily.  Now ReFills and REs live together right on the front page of the store, both in the featured In the spotlight area, as well as in in the same header menu item.  Woohoo!  Awesome change.

Beyond that, here are the other changes I’ve noticed so far  in the new PropShop – feel free to add some comments about anything I missed.

  • A common 5-star rating system across all categories (ReFills, REs, hardware, tutorials – everything).  At the bottom of the page is a Top-Rated section that pulls the very best-rated products across all categories.
  • At the bottom of each product there is a More From… area where you can easily find other products from the same developer.
  • New additions in all categories are easy to find with the Shop by New Arrivals area.
  • When browsing the categories you can switch between a grid view (similar to the old Rack Extension shop) or a list view (similar to how everything else, including ReFills used to be viewed).

Overall, I think the new shop is a very welcome change – both aesthetically and functionally.  It was a bit confusing for customers to browse between the disparate areas of the Propellerhead Shop before, but now it seems like everything should be easy to find in a single place.  This is a change that both customers and developers should be very pleased about.  Great job, elves!


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Jeremy Janzen has been working with Reason since 2005, creating ReFills under the Nucleus SoundLab brand. While his sound design work verges into experimental electronic territory - Jeremy is most at home in a heavy metal moshpit, or playing blues/rock bass guitar. Jeremy is also a new father as of 2012, and consequently pretty damn tired.