Propellerhead Spring Offers!

Propellerhead Spring Offers Reason 7

Spring into action this May with some great offers from Propellerhead and Rack Extension Developers in the Propellerhead Shop!

First up are some smoking deals on a couple of Softube’s compressors including the classic Softube FET Compressor and the Valley People Dyna-mite swiss army knife compressor. Both of these are a whopping 40% off until May 13th and would be a great addition to your Reason Rack! In fact, I was recently recording a female voice over project in my home studio and the Valley People Dyna-mite’s De-esser Mode was a life saver.

Now for those of you that haven’t yet picked up Reason 7, Propellerhead is offering it’s latest Rack Extension Effects Device, Synchronous for free with upgrades until June 30th. Synchronous is a truly inspiring modulation based Rack Extension that can rhythmically intensify your music with it’s included Distortion, Filter, Reverb, Delay and Level effects that can be drawn into it’s pattern based sequencer for anything from glitchy stuttering beats to side-chain pumping.

And if you’re feeling left out because you don’t own a copy of Reason now is the perfect time to pick up your own Rack! First timers not only get the Synchronous Rack Extension effect, but Propellerhead is also throwing in the fantastic Rhythm Combo Refills, which include the Reason Electric Bass and Drum Kits ReFills for FREE!  So jump on these deals before the sun beats down on the Tropic of Cancer!

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