Season of the Switch – The SW4-C Multi-Switch Controller

SW4-C Multi-Switch Controller


Doodov Digital Design has released it’s first Rack Extension for Reason, the SW4-C Multi-Switch Controller! The SW4-C’s main function is you guessed it, as a switch, sending cv information to 1 of 4 destinations. However this 1/2 space RE can also be used as a controller with 8 knobs and buttons.


Designed to provide controlled variation and randomness to any music production including live performance with or without human intervention, the SW4-C 4-way switch and controller comes with some unique features in a compact and user friendly format.

Of course the SW4-C Multi-Switch Controller is not just a Spider CV with buttons. What makes this Rack Extension interesting is the Repeat and Chance mode. With the Repeat mode predictable switching sequences can be created, while in the Chance mode random switching can be tamed with some probability. And if that wasn’t enough the Gate triggering system controls the switch timing with four modes: Relay, Gated, Latch and Flip-flop, with a choice of 999 seeds or complete randomization!

The SW4-C Multi-Switch Controller was coded by Pitchblende Ltd, the New Zealanders behind the 1s and 0s in REs for Jiggery-Pokery and Selig Audio. Speaking of which, the SW4-C is designed to work closely with Jiggery-Pokery’s Charlotte Envelope Generator RE and Black & Orange’s Traffic Control Rack Extension.

The SW4-C Multi-Switch Controller RE is available now in the PropShop for only $15 USD!

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