A New Phase – The Synapse Ninety Vintage Phaser!

Synapse Audio, the makers of Antidote, have a brand new Rack Extension in the Prop Shop this week called the Synapse Ninety Vintage Phaser. Based on the legendary Phase 90 pedal made famous by guitar players like Eddie Van Halen and David Gilmour, this recreation includes many more controls and options than the original. Now those of you keeping track may remember that Synapse released the Synapse AP-12 Analog Phaser last year too much acclaim. So what’s the difference?

вторжениe – Ivoks Electromusical Synthesizer

Around the turn of the century I was working graveyards at a local copy center running ads, manuals, etc… Between setting up jobs I’d peruse EBay for strange synthesizers, the prize of which were the Russian synths with names like Polivoks, Electronica 3M-25, and the RITM-2. Why am I telling you this? Red Rock Sound has released a brand new synthesizer for Reason called the Ivoks Electromusical Synthesizer Rack Extension based on the legendary Formanta Polivoks synthesizer!