Top 5 Reason Rack Extensions of 2013!

It’s not easy picking out the top 5 Rack Extensions from the nearly 100 released in the past year. And with so many industry heavyweights embracing Propellerhead’s Rack Extension technology there’s never been a greater time to be a Reason user. Below are my favorite Rack Extensions of the last year, in no particular order. Feel free to let us know some of your favorites in the comments!

Hyperdrive – New ReFill for Propellerhead Parsec RE

I knew this day would come!  Here I am, writing a news post about our latest ReFill…  Come on Jeremy, do not babble on about how awesome Hyperdrive is, summon up some journalistic integrity man!

Sorry.  Can’t do it.  I’m extremely proud to release Nucleus SoundLab’s latest ReFill today – Hyperdrive.  To my knowledge, it’s the first ReFill created specifically for Propellerhead’s Parsec Spectral Synthesizer Rack Extension. Read on for the details as well as demo audio/video content!