Hyperdrive – New ReFill for Propellerhead Parsec RE

I knew this day would come!  Here I am, writing a news post about our latest ReFill…  Come on Jeremy, do not babble on about how awesome Hyperdrive is, summon up some journalistic integrity man!

Sorry.  Can’t do it.  I’m extremely proud to release Nucleus SoundLab’s latest ReFill today – Hyperdrive.  To my knowledge, it’s the first ReFill created specifically for Propellerhead’s Parsec Spectral Synthesizer Rack Extension. Read on for the details as well as demo audio/video content!

PropShop Black Friday Rack Extension Sale is Live! – Discounts 15-50% off

Have you been waiting for a sweet discount on a certain Rack Extension? Well you may be in luck. In honor of American turkey, and hmmm… not sure what else … Propellerhead has just added discounts ranging from 15-50% on a huge variety of Rack Extension for Black Friday. These discounts appear to be active for one day only. Read on for all the pricing details!

Radical Keys Rack Extension – Reviewed

The first time I played an electric piano was at my Uncle Milt’s house way back in 1979. His step son, Tony, played in a band and had a beautiful Rhodes Suitcase Piano with matching Janus amps in the basement! I remember Tony powering the Electric Piano up and playing some chords with the Vibrato effect on, swirling the sound around the room. It was magical! But can software capture that kind of sonic voodoo today? Propellerhead attempts this with their Radical Keys Rack Extension, released one year ago this month. Let’s find out if it recaptures the magic, shall we?