Christmas 2013 ReFill Bundle adds Olympus Micro Choir!

You probably already read about our Christmas 2013ReFill Bundle.  8 ReFills starting at $1, yada yada yada…  Ok, well I’m here to tell you today that now the count is up to 9 ReFills!  Soundiron has added their awesome Olympus Micro Choir ReFill to Tier 2 of the bundle.  The total value of the bundle is now over $400!  Read on for some info on Olympus as well as what happens if you already purchased the ReFill bundle.

Pay-What-You-Want for 8 Nucleus SoundLab Reason ReFills

Christmas is officially here early!  Today I have started Nucleus SoundLab’s newest Reason ReFill Bundle – the Christmas 2013 ReFill Bundle.  Really I’m going to let the bundle itself do the talking – 8 ReFills at a Pay-What-You-Want price.  The minimum price is $1! (but you wouldn’t just pay the minimum, right?)  The bundle runs from now through December 28th, 2013. Read on for more info on this insanity!