Top 5 most-wanted VSTs in Reason

The subject has come up time and time again, why doesn’t Reason support VSTs? Why isn’t [insert popular VST here] available as a Rack Extension? These are the questions that annoy me to no end and I’m sure I’m not alone.

The answer to the first question is simple, Propellerhead doesn’t (and won’t for the foreseeable future) directly support VSTs in Reason, this is because they offer a very unique modular environment for their users, so the addition of VSTs would completely ruin the experience that the virtual rack offers.

The second question is a bit more complex. Rack Extensions are still fairly new and developers are still deciding whether or not to adopt. A big factor in this decision making is the current limitations of the Rack Extension SDK. These limitations could be the answer to why your favourite VST hasn’t already made it into the Reason rack. Of course there are other explanations to why they haven’t been ported, including (sadly) lack of interest from some developers.

Keeping all that in mind, we’re going to look past the current restrictions of the RE format and take a look at some of the most popular software instruments on the market today. These are the instruments that have been mentioned on countless posts from all corners of the internet.

Top 5 Reason Rack Extensions of 2013!

It’s not easy picking out the top 5 Rack Extensions from the nearly 100 released in the past year. And with so many industry heavyweights embracing Propellerhead’s Rack Extension technology there’s never been a greater time to be a Reason user. Below are my favorite Rack Extensions of the last year, in no particular order. Feel free to let us know some of your favorites in the comments!